Extreme hot water efficiency

If you’d like to shower with an uninterrupted hot water supply or run hot water from multiple taps at the same time, then the SFT-1 SUPERFLOW is the perfect solution. The SFT-1 is the latest innovation in high efficiency tankless water heaters. A continuous supply of hot water at a constant temperature guaranteed. And no water tank in sight!




The SFT-1 SUPERFLOW™ has the best domestic hot water performance in hard water locations. Hard water causes limescale buildup in all types of water heaters resulting in decreased efficiency and performance.
When tested against leading Tankless competitors*, SUPERFLOW™ had the least amount of limescale buildup and maintained like new performance between routine maintenance. This extraordinary hard water performance is due to our patented heat exchanger design with integrated copper coil.

*Tested with a water hardness of up to 400ppm (23gpg).


Continuous Hot Water Supply