Floor Stands

Economical way to convert any IBC wall hanging boiler to a floor standing boiler instantly. 


P-267 – Vertical Floor Stand

SL Series G3: 85/115/160/199
SUPERFLOW / HC / DC Series: All models

58.63″ / 1489mm24.31″ / 617.5mm7.88″ / 200.1mm

P-266 – Expandable Floor Stand 

SL Series 26-260G3 / SL 40-399G3
The SL 26-260G3 floor stand expands to accommodate the SL 40-399G3

HeightWidth (CLOSED)Depth (CLOSED)
30.625″ / 777.9mm25.25″ / 641.7mm16.06″ / 407.9mm